Annual Audit

Annually, First 5 Modoc undergoes an audit to review financial records, accounts, business transactions, accounting practices, and internal controls. Please see the current report(s) below:

MCCFC Audit FY 21-22

MCCFC Audit FY 20-21

MCCFC Audit FY 19-20

Strategic Plan

Every four years, First 5 Modoc Commissioners undergo a thorough review and examination of their investments and collective work with partners.

Annual Program Evaluation & Summary

First 5 Modoc provides an annual Program Evaluation and Summary report focusing on the results of local evaluation related to indicators identified in each grantees Evaluation Framework (Framework Implementation Plan) and its relation to the Priority Areas identified in the Strategic Plan. The Annual Program Evaluation & Summary report is used to identified program achievements, determine program effectiveness, and guide the Commission in determining future funding.