First 5 Modoc strives to ensure every child in Modoc County is in an environment conducive to optimal development, and to assure parents and families have the first option to be the primary caregiver and teacher for their prenatal through age five child.

Along with community partners, First 5 Modoc provides funded programs, services, and connection to critical resources to nurture the physical, social-emotional, and educational growth of Modoc’s youngest residents.

Sprouting Young Minds

Modoc Harvest education coordinator, Jenny Kapp, engages in spring planting with Budding Tree students.
Modoc Harvest education coordinator, Jenny Kapp, engages in spring planting with Budding Tree students. Both programs are proudly funded by First 5 Modoc investments. To learn more about Moodoc Harvest visit www.ModocHarvest.org

The Modoc Sprouts Campaign program is one of many First 5 Modoc’s funded programs. The Sprouts Campaign celebrates local food production by providing education and nutrition connection to children under age five and their families. The program’s success continues with close collaboration between local early education programs and agencies serving families across Modoc County.

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Infants need support too…

Two activities educators, and parents, can implement to support the physical development include providing plenty of space to explore and provide physical means of support. When providing a spacious environment, it is important to think ten steps ahead. Remove any possible hazards (e.g., cover electrical sockets, cabinet locks, safety gates). Provide physical support as the …

Working with Families

A brief look at systems approaches – Nicole Hinton (Aug. 2020) The earliest stages of a child’s life are the most critical. At birth, millions of neurons begin to connect as children learn from the world around them. Research shows how early brain architecture formulates a person’s lifelong learning and overall health outcomes (Harvard, 2020). …

First 5 Modoc Awarded $56,200 ACEs Aware Grant

First 5 Modoc has received $56,200 in grant funds from the Office of the California Surgeon General (CA-OSG) and the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to participate in the state’s ACEs Aware initiative. First 5 Modoc will be conducting communications outreach, advocacy, and education to promote the ACEs Aware initiative among the Medi-Cal provider …


In November 1998, California voters passed Proposition 10, the California Children and Families First Act. This act provided the establishment of a Children and Families Commission in each California County. Proposition 10 added a fifty-cent tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products for the purpose of promoting, supporting and improving the early development of children prenatal through five years of age.

Since its establishment the Modoc County Children and Families Commission (First 5 Modoc) has evolved, changing with community needs in relation to our prenatal through 5-year-old children and their families. As tobacco tax use
and revenues decline, the Commission continues to reevaluate funding and program sustainability. It is important to note the amazing community partners First 5 Modoc continues to engage and work with.

First 5 Modoc applauds the work of its grantees and the services they provide to our rural communities. Children and families are able to access high-quality learning environments, home visiting services, early mental health therapy, and family strengthening supports.

Looking ahead, First 5 Modoc will continue to focus on bridging identified services gaps and creating strong community relationships. We are committed to ensuring the optimal health, development, and well being of children prenatal through age five and their families.

~ Nicole Hinton, Executive Director

Parent Resource HUB

The First 5 Modoc Early Learning & Resource HUB offers a playroom for children and families to connect with local services and supports. The HUB offers a direct connection to essential needs and helps families, care providers, and early educators in Modoc County navigate the various systems serving children ages prenatal through five.

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For connection to early learning, health, and development resources and services contact First 5 Modoc at 530-233-7122 or email first5modoc@gmail.com


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